Tuesday, April 6, 2010

At the public library, pitching a case study where automation enables a large financial data center to become more green by connecting all the components, such as SNMP, Modbus, etc...the end result is more efficient use of energy = savings. Bonus is it is good for the environment! I will miss my client, Kepware, as the team will be cut and I was the last one on. It seems just when I finally understand the technology and majority of the players.

PR is wonderful, I get to communicate with many intelligent amazing editors and masters of enterprise. I will miss that, as well as the flexibility which allows a single Mom still to Mother. I also love reading all the innovations that people are creating to make manufacturing and our world a better place with more energy saving processes, increased management tools, and some of the 'James Bond' inventions that are propelling us into the future.

Then there is the dark side of PR...that has burned me out. I am generally a casual, nice person who loves to get the job done. Well sometimes trying to get the job done is blocked by egos, lies, and political crap. Even your own team can be like sharks, mostly thinking of a woman that my whole family affectionately calls "the wicked witch of the East." The start of my disillusionment is really piece by piece such as the pounding of the waves on the cliff.

An example of deceit and back stabbing is when "the wicked witch of the East" asked me to pitch a particular magazine that she has not been able to get anything in, but I have. So out of goodwill I send the paper to my favorite editor only to find out that the story is old - a few years old. This in itself is infuriating, as a PR person your reputation of providing current information is crucial and without relationships with editors you are doomed. Well my favorite editor was totally kind to just ask for an update version, well "the wicked witch of the East" could not get one because the company is not even using the product, etc...End result my favorite editor no longer works at that publication and could not produce the story.

I understand that things happen if you are incompetent, but she was sooo mean. When I said I got her story in she said that publications are taking anything, when I asked for an updated version she said she already worked to hard on this and will try. When "the wicked witch of the East" could not produce anything she said it was my fault since I would not take a fluffed up version, nor badger the editor to take the story as is.

Wow - that was alot of venting, makes me mad just thinking of it. Love PR, hate the egos!


  1. Yay, you're posting ! That Wicked West of The East is a real bitch.


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