Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Larry Pratt is a Brat

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Another shame on you rant.  I support a person to have guns, but shame on Larry Pratt.  His interview on CNN Live was disturbing and portrayed Americans as liars.  My roommate says fools.  Do not get on television and directly lie.  Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!

Check out the interview;

There you will watch Pratt lie about UK's murders, insisting on 970 gun murders when Piers Morgan numbers were 39 gun murders. I am not sure where Morgan got this number.  There is a link to a blog that reports 39 -
The number 39 seems to be from 2008.  And when Juan Cole says "For more on murder by firearms in Britain, see the BBC"  It is an old article.
I would be interested how Morgan got his number.  I looked in the home office website and could not find it.  If anyone does please forward in comments.
Firearms homicides in US 11,493
I cannot find any data on firearms homicides for England and Wales (Scotland data is separate).  The United States website had the information easily searchable and clearly written.  I researched;
The closest I got was an excel sheet (RECORDED CRIME STATISTICS FOR ENGLAND AND WALES 2002/03 - 2011/12) that showed total homicides for 2011/2012 at 550. 

At first glance it would appear that UK is safer, but you would have to look at population and percentages.  Bottom line Pratt smeared lies to prevent real conversation.  Americans we should look closely at the UK.  There was a massive shooting, they passed laws on guns, now there is evidence of reduced gun violence, reduced death.  Ya, I think that is something to ponder. 

Why as Americans we don't intelligently talk about true things.  Truth is that UK did something about it and the situation has changed.  We don't do anything.  How about what medications all these shooters were on?  Depression medication? 

Tired and going to bed, my anger has at Pratt lying to my face about numbers has subsided.  His lies about the consitution only makes Americans look stupid.  I feel stupid not being able to get the numbers, in defense I was unable to connect to UK google.  Does anyone know why? 

Pratt's suggesting that Obama is like George the III makes me chuckle.  Are Republicans saying such nonsense?  Where is this coming from?

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Shame on Sam, Sam Bacile that is

There are some people that live and work for the good of all.  There are some people that have intelligence to know that we have only one world and we can live together peaceful or we can cause strife. 

What happened in Libya is wrong.  Let's have some self control people! Your actions are horrible.  You are responsible for the death of someone who had know hand in the stupid movie!  Get off your ego and get some intelligence.  Do you think this makes you look better than the movie?  Or did your actions just give more 'proof' that Muslims are crazy? Hmmmm... 

The motivation for the violence is a stupid film by Sam Bacile, whom The Wall Street Journal Web site identified as a 52-year old Israeli-American real estate developer in California.  I hope you are proud Mr. Bacile.  You sure did make the world a better place.  The death is caused by you.  You are responsible.  Shame on Sam!  I hope your self serving interests was worth it - you ASS!

Note this is NOT a politically correct blog.  You act like an ass I am going to call you an ass.  More like devil in your case Mr. Bacile.  Oh Sam there may be some tiny kitty you can throw to a pack of wild dogs in your backyard Jerk off!

Here's the video if you are interested.  Lots of laughs - NOT

Friday, August 17, 2012

When I came across this statue of a woman I felt immediate connection. I think we all can at times.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

I need Fixed Life, not everything breaking

I am blabbering blogging about an undercurrent in my life since my Husband left me - that everything BREAKS! Starting from broken marriage, heart, lawn mower, car, shed roof, house roof, air conditioner, glass in picture, garage opener, coffee maker, dish washer, clothes dryer, door bell, cell phone, internet, routers, computers, etc... And how frustrating it is that computers do not work. It is always in a time when you really, really need them to work, pressing work or say filing taxes.

I often wonder what caused this 'broken' trend. Is it just normal life and I did not realize it so much before because I had a partner to help with life's problems, thus lessening them? Or did my Ex curse me? Is it because of some cosmic position? Does a broken marriage unlease the broken elves to cause havoc? Please share with me your perception of this phenomon.

I know I want to fix my life. I want to release from the life that everything breaks and free myself to another existence. I am just not sure how. Because even though I could imagine my Ex would blame me for breaking the garage door because I was using it wrong - ya know pressing the button wrong. LOL The truth of the matter I could not break it if I wanted. It is a giant, heavy duty spring!

Is it my additude? I came home from my intensive study week tired, but inspired. The future looked beautiful and everything seemed possible then I could not even turn the computer on. Next thing I know I am crying and life seems stacked too high against me. Of course I dry my eyes and carry on. Out to the garden I go where I don't need any high tech tools, only sweet water is needed to make my flowers grow.

Perhaps I am overly emotional since it has been 8 days since I have last seen my daughter as she is spending time over at her Daddy's.

Tomorrow will be a better day!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Spring Cleaning for your inner self

Ahhh – Spring cleaning is not just for your house, garage, and yard!

Reach to the heavens, recharge your spiritual side with services of your choice, prayer, meditation, dance, exercise, reading, and activities.

I've been listening to the audio-book A Course in Weight Loss by Marianne Williamson and the first step is to release 24 feelings, thoughts, or character flaws to God.

I listed the 24 plus the sentences and imagery that she suggests. I will let you know how it goes to think about each of the below and write out my personal connection to it, what in life gave me these unprocessed feelings. And most importantly ask God to take them from me. I will either spend a whole afternoon or a few each day which to me is worthwhile to feeling lighter and not dragging old thoughts and ways into the sunny springtime.

1. Shame
I’m ashamed of

2. Anger
I’m angry at

3. Fear
I’m afraid of

4. Unforgivingness
I still have not forgiven for

5. Judgement
I judge for

6. Distain
I feel distain for

7. Excessive responsibility
I am responsible for

8. Pressure
I feel so pressured by

9. Exhaustion (physically, mentally, and emotionally)
I feel exhausted because of

10. Burden
I am burden by

11. Stressed
I’m stressed by

12. Heartbreak
My heart is heavy because of

13. Injustice
It is not fair that I

14. Protection
I feel I need protection from

15. Pride
I am prideful when

16. Selfishness
I am selfish when

17. Jealousy
I get jealous when

18. Greed
I get greedy when

19. Lazy
I am lazy when

20. Separation
I feel separate from

21. Dishonesty
I don’t feel I can be honest about

22. Arrogance
I am better than

23. Inferiority
I feel not as good as

24. Embarrassment
I feel embarrassed by

The above are like bricks that form a wall separating you from others and your true self. I plan on finishing the sentences with everything circumstance or situation that contributed.

Then I write;
Dear God please remove the wall That I built around me.

(I imagine trying to tear down a giant brick with the feeling engraved on it. I struggle then turn upwards and ask God to help me. I envision a finger coming down and lightly touching the brick which then crumbles to dust and floats off in the breeze)

Please Dear God take away from me forever.

Happy adventures through yourself to a lighter you! Try it and let me know how it goes.

Check out Williamson's book

Spring Cleaning II - 1-7

As described in my previous blog I started the process of releasing to God unwanted emotions and memories that may be holding me in a place I don't want to be. The first 7 emotions are shame, anger, fear, unforgivingness, judgement, distain, excessive responsibility, and pressure that I poundered and cleaned out of my system.

This exercise brings me back to how the elders in our family meddled in my personal affairs and played games with my Ex and I so much that when I told our marriage therapist she commented that it was amazing that we lasted 15 years. We really did love each other, but that is gone as we fought to maintain boundaries against these very powerful forces and lost.

Lost it all.

We were young and tender and we tried. Those close to us would provide us with love, meals, gifts then tell us how to live, from how to feed and dress my daughter to what we should or should not do. Advice is normal from those more wise, but if not followed war would rage against us, including telling everyone how bad we are, to out and out being mean to us (sly remarks, horrid looks, yells, arguements.)

We crumbled.

If you are young and in love please hold on to each other and keep trying to put boundaries up. If you are Mothers or Mother-In-Laws please try to keep your jealousy and judgement to yourself. Be wise and believe in the circle of life. Stop with the negativity and give love. Believe that you are powerful and do not try to divide. Because a broken home makes a horrible accomplishment, not good on a resume...make good chicken soup, kiss hurt knees, oh yea break up son/daughter's home. And the children suffer the most.

As both of us fell under the heavy forces around us. With their confilting ways, so generous one day, firing darts at our young relationship the next. My Husband fell as most men did in the arms of another woman. I feel into negativity, nasty words, looks, and harsh tones. As a pisces I retreated into an imaginary land, trying to ignore the daggars being stabbed into my flesh. Indeed weakly attempting to be left alone and in love with one another. Then he started stabbing and my ears turned deaf to his complaints about me, the yard, house, and the order of our lives. Validating himself in the arms of another that he had to escape this mad woman as I screamed in defense when the tearing of my flesh was too much to bear. Times when I was out of control I noticed peace and a smile over my Husband's face.

I continued through the circumstances and situations that created the above 7 emotions and released everything to God. This is a bit late for spring cleaning...but I figure better late than never.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

My dipstick broke

(opps that's not my volvo!)

Ahhh - the joys of car ownership. My volvo is falling apart at the seems, I guess like car, like owner. At a time when there is no money...sooo

I go down to the auto store and get a one size fits all dip stick. Let me tell you one size does not fit all!! So now I'm driving around with oil spurting out all over my engine. Not happy. I check out the junk yards, no luck.

Then I asked my old, English neighbor to help. The damn dip stick went in too far. I knew it was time for me to leave man and car alone. When I came back Raymond had taken off the broken plastic top and replaced it with a wooden top. "Is that going to burn?!" Raymond assured me that it would be all all right. How many times have we heard that?

To be continued...