Monday, May 30, 2011

Spring Cleaning for your inner self

Ahhh – Spring cleaning is not just for your house, garage, and yard!

Reach to the heavens, recharge your spiritual side with services of your choice, prayer, meditation, dance, exercise, reading, and activities.

I've been listening to the audio-book A Course in Weight Loss by Marianne Williamson and the first step is to release 24 feelings, thoughts, or character flaws to God.

I listed the 24 plus the sentences and imagery that she suggests. I will let you know how it goes to think about each of the below and write out my personal connection to it, what in life gave me these unprocessed feelings. And most importantly ask God to take them from me. I will either spend a whole afternoon or a few each day which to me is worthwhile to feeling lighter and not dragging old thoughts and ways into the sunny springtime.

1. Shame
I’m ashamed of

2. Anger
I’m angry at

3. Fear
I’m afraid of

4. Unforgivingness
I still have not forgiven for

5. Judgement
I judge for

6. Distain
I feel distain for

7. Excessive responsibility
I am responsible for

8. Pressure
I feel so pressured by

9. Exhaustion (physically, mentally, and emotionally)
I feel exhausted because of

10. Burden
I am burden by

11. Stressed
I’m stressed by

12. Heartbreak
My heart is heavy because of

13. Injustice
It is not fair that I

14. Protection
I feel I need protection from

15. Pride
I am prideful when

16. Selfishness
I am selfish when

17. Jealousy
I get jealous when

18. Greed
I get greedy when

19. Lazy
I am lazy when

20. Separation
I feel separate from

21. Dishonesty
I don’t feel I can be honest about

22. Arrogance
I am better than

23. Inferiority
I feel not as good as

24. Embarrassment
I feel embarrassed by

The above are like bricks that form a wall separating you from others and your true self. I plan on finishing the sentences with everything circumstance or situation that contributed.

Then I write;
Dear God please remove the wall That I built around me.

(I imagine trying to tear down a giant brick with the feeling engraved on it. I struggle then turn upwards and ask God to help me. I envision a finger coming down and lightly touching the brick which then crumbles to dust and floats off in the breeze)

Please Dear God take away from me forever.

Happy adventures through yourself to a lighter you! Try it and let me know how it goes.

Check out Williamson's book

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  1. Very interesting post and so very nice to hear back from you. Thanks for your comment on my blog.

    I hope all is well.



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