Saturday, July 9, 2011

I need Fixed Life, not everything breaking

I am blabbering blogging about an undercurrent in my life since my Husband left me - that everything BREAKS! Starting from broken marriage, heart, lawn mower, car, shed roof, house roof, air conditioner, glass in picture, garage opener, coffee maker, dish washer, clothes dryer, door bell, cell phone, internet, routers, computers, etc... And how frustrating it is that computers do not work. It is always in a time when you really, really need them to work, pressing work or say filing taxes.

I often wonder what caused this 'broken' trend. Is it just normal life and I did not realize it so much before because I had a partner to help with life's problems, thus lessening them? Or did my Ex curse me? Is it because of some cosmic position? Does a broken marriage unlease the broken elves to cause havoc? Please share with me your perception of this phenomon.

I know I want to fix my life. I want to release from the life that everything breaks and free myself to another existence. I am just not sure how. Because even though I could imagine my Ex would blame me for breaking the garage door because I was using it wrong - ya know pressing the button wrong. LOL The truth of the matter I could not break it if I wanted. It is a giant, heavy duty spring!

Is it my additude? I came home from my intensive study week tired, but inspired. The future looked beautiful and everything seemed possible then I could not even turn the computer on. Next thing I know I am crying and life seems stacked too high against me. Of course I dry my eyes and carry on. Out to the garden I go where I don't need any high tech tools, only sweet water is needed to make my flowers grow.

Perhaps I am overly emotional since it has been 8 days since I have last seen my daughter as she is spending time over at her Daddy's.

Tomorrow will be a better day!

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  1. Hey Dear Friend,

    I am going to tell you something from an objective point of view that may help you. I know you are going through a rough patch, but things will get better.

    First of all, take a day or two and allow yourself to be miserable and feel sorry for yourself. Cry, call me and I will come over, and do whatever you need to do to feel what you are feeling.

    After you are done, I want you to realize that this is nothing against you and work on rebuilding your life. There is no curse, your ex husband didn't put a spell on you, you are not paying back any karma. You are just going through a rough spot.

    One of the laws of the Universe is that the more we think about something, good or bad, the more we gravitate towards that situation. The more you think about how cursed your life is, the more things will happen.

    If you start dealing with what's broken on your life, and start visualizing good things happening to you, life will get better.

    I am not saying that this happens overnight, it is a slow process.


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