Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Larry Pratt is a Brat

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Another shame on you rant.  I support a person to have guns, but shame on Larry Pratt.  His interview on CNN Live was disturbing and portrayed Americans as liars.  My roommate says fools.  Do not get on television and directly lie.  Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!

Check out the interview;

There you will watch Pratt lie about UK's murders, insisting on 970 gun murders when Piers Morgan numbers were 39 gun murders. I am not sure where Morgan got this number.  There is a link to a blog that reports 39 -
The number 39 seems to be from 2008.  And when Juan Cole says "For more on murder by firearms in Britain, see the BBC"  It is an old article.
I would be interested how Morgan got his number.  I looked in the home office website and could not find it.  If anyone does please forward in comments.
Firearms homicides in US 11,493
I cannot find any data on firearms homicides for England and Wales (Scotland data is separate).  The United States website had the information easily searchable and clearly written.  I researched;
The closest I got was an excel sheet (RECORDED CRIME STATISTICS FOR ENGLAND AND WALES 2002/03 - 2011/12) that showed total homicides for 2011/2012 at 550. 

At first glance it would appear that UK is safer, but you would have to look at population and percentages.  Bottom line Pratt smeared lies to prevent real conversation.  Americans we should look closely at the UK.  There was a massive shooting, they passed laws on guns, now there is evidence of reduced gun violence, reduced death.  Ya, I think that is something to ponder. 

Why as Americans we don't intelligently talk about true things.  Truth is that UK did something about it and the situation has changed.  We don't do anything.  How about what medications all these shooters were on?  Depression medication? 

Tired and going to bed, my anger has at Pratt lying to my face about numbers has subsided.  His lies about the consitution only makes Americans look stupid.  I feel stupid not being able to get the numbers, in defense I was unable to connect to UK google.  Does anyone know why? 

Pratt's suggesting that Obama is like George the III makes me chuckle.  Are Republicans saying such nonsense?  Where is this coming from?

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