Monday, May 10, 2010

Food or Sex?

I know other ways to release stress, healthier ways
than my old stand-by that I resort to - FOOD! 
Comfort food, salty food, chocolate,
and any kind of sweets. 

So when I noticed these napkins...I had to get them! 

Have a laugh!

Thank you PorkStar for your sweet comments on a Happy Mother's Day, Senorita shared with me.


  1. Not only Porkstar ! My roommate saw our DVD and said that you look fabulous and in great shape. He didn't believe me when I told him your age.

    Those napkins are fabulous !

  2. DVD? and you are in it? I must get it!

    I hope you had a beautiful mother's day : )

  3. Haha - funny napkins. Though I'm sticking to the sex route for stress relief! :-P

  4. My beautiful Senorita, if only we dated our friends because you are my biggest cheerleader and I thank you for the sweet words. Haha PorkStar, you tiger - I love it! As per the napkins, I was in bliss with really good food and two margaritas that were very strong, so I was feeling really good! Dear Dadshouse, Sex route probably more fun and healthier for stress relief, but sooo complicated. I think I would make a good Southern woman, as I get confused easily. This blog still seems a mystery - am I following you? I tried twice. I'll have to have Senorita come over and help me.

    Thank you all for the comments! And Happy Tuesday!

  5. hahahaha

    Love the napkin!

  6. I'll have double helpings of both, if that's OK.
    If not, keep the food ;-)


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