Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Friend Moving away...how did the time get away from us?

“Make the most…and reinvigorate yourself. Make a date with a favorite funny girl- all those giggles and guffaws boost endorphins, and social connections elevate the spirit.”
~March 2010 Better Homes and Gardens

Last night was Haley’s play at a beautiful house in Saratoga, surrounded by a magical garden as the sun streamed through the trees the children said their lines loudly and with vigor (and the lines were long!) Afterwards we feasted on a Greek potluck and got to talk to the other parents. The highlight of the evening was seeing my dear Russian friend who confirmed the rumors that she would be leaving for Europe. My happiness at seeing her turned sad, we have 1 month to enjoy each other. Her Husband said I must come visit and the wheels in my mind start spinning yet at the moment I cannot come up with a plan. [picture of us playing in the snow with our girls]

Moments – why did I let them slip away? We have not gone out for months. What was I doing? 

Last night a friend asked me what I did today and I could not answer.  I can easily recall the big events that make up life, such as the play, but the mundane activities slip away, lost in cooking, laundry, gardening, working, talking on the phone, visiting others, exercise, care of self, care of daughter, care of dogs…

Talking of dogs…here’s another quote from Better Homes and Gardens, plus Chloe Pictures.

“Playing with your pet can reduce stress, a big energy zapper. Give your anxieties a breather and play fetch with Buddy.”

*Note no birds were hurt during filming

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  1. I am sorry that your friend is moving away :(

    I had hoped the rumors wouldn't be true, but it is always sad when a friend moves. I think you should take her up on that trip offer.

    I hope you get to see her before she leaves, there was nothing you could have done to prevent this, so I hope that you don't put any blame on yourself.

    So glad you posted the pic of us ! I will do the same !


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