Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Mountain calls - will I come?

The draw of Sierra Road is always within me – the short and extremely hard bike ride up a mountain and back again. Not daring to just go without preparing I went to a cycling class.

A bit late, I looked over the mechanics to adjust the seat and older lady kindly came to help. I cannot tell how old just that she had grey hair. Thank Goodness today I go in to have my greys go away! Intellectually, I know that some people with grey/white hair are actually younger than me, but still think of them as older. Completely illogical! Especially since one side of my family grows grey hair very young, some even in their 20s.

Back to cycling class…it is in a room with about 11 other people of all different gender, shape, and ages. I close my eyes to imagine my beautiful California rolling hills with golden grass and magnificent oak trees.

The unusual for this time of year grey clouds outside the gym threatens rain, preventing me from biking outside. 

Or is it?  Is it that I have just lost my way, my focus is blurred.  Indeed I have biked in the rain before.  Where is my gusto?  Did a gnome take it when I was not looking?

I was impressed that I was able to get a good workout in the enclosed room safe from cars and wildlife, no chance of death or disfigurement from crashing at high speeds on the stationary bikes. Alas not as much thrill.

 The Mountain calls will I come?

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  1. Oh yeah, those cycling classes are a great workout ! Boring, but good workout nonetheless. If you're like me and haven't biked in 15 years, that seat can really hurt your ass.


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