Monday, September 20, 2010

Dear Friend calling from Paris

I try to blog something intelligent and then end up never blogging. Hmmmmm... So I subject my fellow bloggers with ramblings.

First off I'd like to say that friendships acquired later in life are just as wonderful as childhood friends. Furthermore blogging is a place that you can meet the most daring, honest, loyal friends I know. My fellow belly dancer and blogger, SeƱorita, made my day by calling me from Paris. Imagine a beautiful, intelligent, brave woman traveling to Paris alone inspired by literature and well perhaps my dreams of living in Paris with my daughter for a bit.

She gave up the safety of her country, the safety of her routine with a successful job, her bed (the older I get the more I love my bed!!!) To travel the unknown, couch surf, and learn more about our world and other customs. Kudos to my girlfriend! We need to learn to give praise more often to the ordinary heroes in our life.

Where would I have been if I believed I could go where grace lead me? Hmmmmm...

Well, this morning was brighten by a call from Senorita. I thought what an amazing world to be talking to my friend in Paris as I drive to care for kindergartners (I will have to tell you later about my transition from PR to kindergartner assistant.)

Senorita, my hats off to you! Travel safety and have fun. I actually will rest easier when you are with Pork Star. Even though I know you are a capable, savvy, world traveller - it's the Mom in me.

I know I feel gratiude to be friends with a person with strong character ethic where actions come from her own inner core, not from superficial human relations. A person who is true to themselves as well as you is worth it's value in gold. Thank you.

Come back home so we can cause havoc and have some fun around here...missing you


  1. This is such an adorable post : )

  2. Im with sandra in amsterdam, she says hi and she loved your post.



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