Friday, April 16, 2010

Big Publication Company Closes Doors!!!

As news of the economic recovery penetrates, news of how hard this downturn has hit the U.S. can be seen, today, with the collapse of the well respected Reed Business Information. Manufacturers and businesspeople alike will have to turn elsewhere to receive pertinent stories as 23 publications will be closing down.

Examples include; Control Engineering, Logistics Management, Material Handling Product News, Modern Materials Handling and Plant Engineering.

Read details, including the full memo on today's decision by Reed CEO Keith Jones, at the following link:

If you are in public relations this news has become all too familiar. My heart goes out to the hard working writers, and all other people that it takes to get the news to the public as they search for other work.

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  1. Times are tough for everyone. I really feel for people who are out of a job now.


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