Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Big Incestuous Blog Circle

These questions were posted by Señorita,
thank you.

1. Do you write blog posts to please yourself or to please your audience?
I write a blog because my gut told me to. Hehe. Writing helps me make sense of my world and I pleasantly found out that it is a very social set up.

2. How do you make people visit your blogs and to elicit nice comments on your handy work? Do you employ the heavy mob to bully your readers or do you use your gentle wit, charm and good nature. Seriously, what do you consider the best way to interact with your fellow bloggers?
I am still figuring out interaction with other people. I have a hard time maneuvering around blogger. I read other blogs and comment.

3. If you were starting your blog again would you do something radically different?
I don’t know, too soon.

4. What is the most significant event in your life to date?
The birth of my daughter comes to mind first, but if I think about it when my MG went into remission is so huge. That blessing allows me to walk, move, smile, swallow, and have open eyes to see and experience the world.

5. Would any of you like to appear on The Sunday Roast programme?

6. What do you like to do in your free time?
Spend with my daughter, exercise, eat, dance, and share time with family and friends

7. If you could go back in time which event would be of interest to you most, and why?
The glory of Rome or the American Revolution would be of interest, but the event of most interest is more personal.  I want to see my Grandma. I miss her twinkling blue eyes. It would be something to go see her wedding.  How positive the world would be, no negativity, just belief in love.  I also loved her wedding dress.

8. Are you addicted to blogging? Do you think it is addictive? or can you take it or leave it?
I could leave it as sometimes I don’t feel like I have much to say, at least in a public arena. I enjoy reading other’s blogs.

9. Which person on planet Earth, past or present, do you admire most, and why?
I admire my Great Aunt Kathy, who was a strong matriarch in my family. She worked in downtown Boston, had many friends, dressed beautifully, was a joy to cook with, great storyteller, and celebrated the holidays with zest. Tres Chic!

10. When this life is over do you think it is curtains or do you think there is an afterlife?
I grew up believing in Heaven and when my daughter’s dog died I said he went to Heaven. This life is hard enough, why not give an image of a beautiful place, maybe a lot of flowers, and all your loved ones that died are. When you arrive there is peace and joy, troubles and worries are an earthy thing to do.

Here are my 5
  1. PorkStar 
  2. Bev
  3. Heidi Renée
  4. Stacie's Madness
  5. Ginger 


  1. well, hello there, nice to meet you.

    thanks for your comment...these last ten are haunting me, i get rid of them, then gain them, then get rid of...

    grrr. ugly cycle.

  2. Aw, cool you did this ! Nice to see you back here posting again !

  3. Hello Stacie's Madness,

    I'm sure you are trying everything for the last 10. I know how that is - I was there, heck I am still there. I know what works and I was able to live the four guidelines from Marilu Henner's book - The 30 Day Total Health Makeover and experienced success. It is just a matter of strong enough intent and discipline. Good Luck!

    Hello Senorita - I edited it saying you gave the questions to me. I had a brain freeze originally - heh


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