Friday, June 18, 2010


The idea to travel to Paris and live for a month came to me a couple years ago.  As I wanted my daughter to experience France when she was 10 years old, the same age when I lived in Versailles with my Parents and Brother in 1980.  Well 2009 came and went and I did not go, nay sayers - mostly my Mom. 

The yearning has not gone away.

But now in 2010 things look bleak as I am about to go into battle with my Ex and travelling to Paris just would not look good.  Never mind that I worked hard and saved over the last 3 years since he walked away.  The money to go to France is there.  Just doesn't look good.  Besides my fear at my unemployment state that I currently reside.

The summer is not over.  As of now I listen to Paris cafe music, studying at Stanford a Paris history class, and doing "French" things.  One of the things is going to the de Young museum with my daughter and her friend to see the Birth of Impressionism ~ Masterpieces from the Musee D'Orsay.

My daughter is drawn to Edgar Degas who draws many ballet scenes.  The painting above is The Dancing Lesson. 1873-1876. 

This Degas guy was a character.  When his Father estate was settled they found out that his Brother was in debt and in order to save family name Degas sold everything he had.  Only later to be recognized as an impressionist which was insulting to him.  The name was made up to describe this new modern way of painting and to make fun of it.  As the established art at the time was classical renaissance.  Art of mythology and religious subjects was considered art, not paintings of ordinary people and ordinary activities!  Turbulent times were not isolated to just the art world as Franco-Prussian War or Franco-German War was a part of life with Degas and his friends serving, many friends not returning.  In 1870 Paris was under siege and famine and disease ran rampant.  There were shops selling rat and dog meat - disgusting but when you are starving...Sadly the arguementative Degas pushed away his friends, ending up going blind, and wandering the streets of Paris.

So fasinating is history...I love reading and learning other's stories.  Because humans are basically similar, facing challenges, enjoying life, living in times of war, friends, friend's problems, surviving issues, craving expression - much the same issues.  

Okay got to go, my strategy of sleepover/playdate backfired into more work as my daughter's once clean room looks like a bomb hit it. LOL


  1. I hope I can get into my French class next week. Probably not, but I will try.

    I really hope that you can make it to Paris this year. If not, there is always next year and I am not going anywhere.

  2. Thanks for your comment! It's awesome that you want that experience for your daughter. My mom took me to France when I was in high school and it changed my life.

  3. hehe - Senorita - that is good to know. I am so happy that we became friends. I was praying that you would get in your class. You may not find out tomorrow, but hopeful (fingers crossed) you will get an email this week.

    Heidi Renée - Thank you for sharing your experience with Mom. It means a lot to me as it reinforces my dream. Which given circumstances seems crazy, but I feel it is good to do. Last year my daughter was against going (I don't know why, but she fights me on a lot of things). This year I can tell she is getting more excited as we learn about Paris, etc...hopefully when Senorita takes the French class we will be able to practice some french.


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