Monday, June 21, 2010

Where's your Secret Garden? :-)

1907- In Long Island, New York, France Hodgson Burnett created a flower garden (with many roses - my kind of gal) within protected walls.  In this safe haven surrounded by beauty her talents soared as she wrote her famous book, the Secret Garden

This summer find your place to restore your sense of self and visit it often.  Is it a peaceful place or creating peace within?  Indeed the struggles within can be seen manifested in the garden. 

Even just a plain plot of dirt can give insight to what can work in life and what does not. 

When a backyard is tended it will flourish with an abundance of beauty and life. 

My daughter's garden contains an epic of war and peace.  The weeds will rage war.  In this case, the cucumber is robbed of important nutrients (energy) and will be crowded out (time) by the weeds, eventually dying. 

What dreams are you letting die?  What weeds in your life steal precious moments and opportunity away?

This summer I would like to weed out past disappointments, current frustrations, fear, lost inspiration, anger, and day dreams (I'm a Pisces - can live my life in dreams).  I want to plant acceptance, courage, action, faith, and living in the moment.  What do you want to weed this summer?  More importantly what do you want to plant?

This blog was inspired by Sarah Ban Breathnach's book - Simple Abundance.


  1. Beautiful garden you have, and beautiful post today !

  2. Thank Dear Senorita, can't wait to tell you all about my class - heck maybe I will blog it. Miss you - see you Friday.

  3. I love this post!! Self-restoration is so important, and what better way to do it than this? Your garden analogies were beautiful. I suddenly have the urge to journal about some things. Thank you!


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